A Little About Us

Shoplight is a UK business based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.
Is that Important?…. apart from being able to utilise the excellent transport links our location affords us, probably not.

What is important is what we stand for and that’s quite clear.
We have developed a range of services and service commitments which each and every one of our retail clients can benefit from ans this range of services has been developed based on 15 years’ experience of working with UK retailers.

You’ll see in this document how we support our clients from concept inception through to the supply of our fixtures across the UK and beyond. More importantly you’ll see the little things we do along the way that are all designed to make your life easier and give you the confidence that, if you choose Shoplight as your retail lighting partner, you’ll be using a partner that will take responsibility for everything we do and that will go the extra steps to ensure the one thing you won’t have to worry about is your store’s lighting.

You may not have heard of SLE but it is quite likely that you will have been in many buildings in the UK lit by SLE (you may even have some of their fixtures in your stores). The reason for this is that SLE have, for 20 years, been selling their products and undertaking R&D to and for many of Europe’s leading lighting brands. This strategy has led to SLE being the fastest growing manufacturer in Europe and the largest manufacturer in entral Europe with a turnover of over €70M, 98% of which relates to products which are exported.

As a strategic partner to SLE, Shoplight are able to offer the following to our clients.

  • Complete access to the SLE product range
  • Full use of light planning tools such as Light Quality Standard and Light Management Systems
  • A co-ordinated, joined-up service approach to all product related issues such as a warranty

SLE are based in Slovakia. A small country with a population of around 5M, Slovakia is known as a tiger economy along with Dubai and Asian economies such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. Quite simply, Slovakia has seen rapid economic growth along with an increase in the standard of living and this has been supported by World companies such as Kia and Peugeot (both of whom have major manufacturing plants in Slovakia) along with World banks such as Citibank and RBS. Whilst SLE are a home-grown manufacturer, they are clearly in very good company…..